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The picture painted by the Hotel Guest Dining
Our hotel dining is called "BistroAbalon".
Yes, it is the name of our hotel, established in 1981.
If you visited Matsushima, please eat delicious foods.
Our hotel are proud SendaiBeef and fresh local seafoods.
Especially, Oysters and Matsushima Bay Seafoods is very good.

BistroAbalon dining establishment for 30 years
So far, the Bistro Abalon to eat at very many tourists.

Matsushima Bay oysters and Sendai Beef.
Are you a good Sendai Beef? or Oyster? We have a lot of other seafood at Matsushima.

This is just one example of the original course of BistroAbalon.
We provide local sake, beer,and wine.

Please select a Western breakfast and Japanese breakfast.

Hotel Reservation and Questions
Call for+81 22 354 5777
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