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Japan Nostalgic Transport to Matsushima
The way to Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture, will guide the detailed road and rail.
Sendai from Tokyo, we will guide the way toward some of Matsushima.
The Petithotel BistroAvalon is just around the corner.


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Matsushima is one of the three most scenic spots of Japan.
From Sendai, 30 minutes by the train, and 40 minutes away by the car.

JR Train
1.Tohoku Shinkansen:from Tokyo, to Sendai(2hours)
2.Senseki Line:from Sendai, to Matsushimakaigan(30minites)
1.Tohoku Expressway:from Urawa, to Sendai Minami(320km)
2.Sanriku Expressway:from Sendai Minami, to MatsushimakaiganIC(30km)

Location Map
1.From Matsushimakaigan.st to BistroAbalon is a 10 minute walk.(Senseki line)
2.From Matsushimakaigan IC to BistroAbalon is a 3 minute drive away.
3.From Matsushim.st to BistroAbalon is a 20 minute walk.(Tohoku line)

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